Focused mind, opened heart

Both science and experience lead us to believe that through mindfulness and meditation practice we enjoy a myriad of health benefits and a greater sense of well being.  Life is significantly improved by practicing.  Whether you are an experienced practitioner or new to the journey, we can help guide you.

Sit with us, walk with us, join us. It is within your reach. Every breath you are breathing, every step you are stepping, every moment offers the opportunity for mindfulness and meditation practice.

Community Sits

Our weekly community sits are free and open to the public, are appropriate for new and experienced meditators, and are accessible to people of all physical abilities and ages. 

CMP also offers custom programming, such as Intro to Mindfulness talks, professional development workshops, Mindful Parenting sessions and Mindful Speaking + Listening programs. Please see the Outreach tab in the About section of the website for more information.


Our group meditation sessions have a topic, changing weekly between mind focusing and heart opening.  We encourage you to explore each topic in our weekly blog.


Explore our library of guided meditations and discussions plus recommended books and websites on mindfulness. Transcripts are available upon request for hearing-impaired people.

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See you at Waveny in the Spring! We have loved sitting together at Waveny on Thursdays. We encourage you to continue to gather and sit at Waveny, but the formal CMP sessions at Waveny will resume in the spring.