Workshops at the Mindfulness in Education Conf

The workshops list and descriptions are now available for the Mindfulness Conference at St. Luke's on June 9! We hope you can join us!  (Click here for descriptions).

Session 1:
*Master Class with Tish Jennings on Practical Tips for Cultivating Mindfulness in the Classroom
*Mindful Parenting
*Guided Body Scan Meditation

Session 2:
*Mindfulness in the Classroom for Early Elem Teachers
*Mindfulness in the Classroom for Middle School Teachers
*Mindfulness as an Antidote to Anxiety
*Guided Walking Meditation

Session 3:
*Mindfulness in the Classroom for High School Teachers
*Empathetic Joy: A Tool for Parenting in Competitive Climates
*Guided Equanimity Meditation

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