Your Teammate

When life throws us a curve ball, which it is prone to do - sometimes several curve balls in quick succession - we can offer up a wish, “May this serve in some way”. (Thank you Tara Brach for introducing us to that notion – it’s a game-changer!)

Once we’re through the darkest part of the storm, we may realize that we are left with a sense of gratitude for those who held the umbrella for us, or carried us over puddles. We may have a stronger sense of being supported by a group of people (and pets!) who see us through those difficult times. We may call this group our “team”.

Might it also possible to have that sense of support before we go through difficult times? As we mentally run through people in our lives, some will stand out as obvious teammates. As we make a second pass through the people in our lives, and ask, “What would happen if I turned to them in need?”, we’d likely add many more names to our list of teammates. And then, if we made yet another pass through the people we know, we can ask ourselves, “Is it possible they would lend a hand, an ear, a ride, a favor?” And another set would likely make our team roster. Lastly, we can ask ourselves, “Who might I not even know yet that might support me in ways big or small in a moment of need, big or small?” And suddenly, it dawns on us that our team is many times bigger than we might have first thought. After all, think of how many teams you’ve been on for others in need, and how many of those people might not have known in advance that you were on their team?

Wouldn’t it be great if we all wore t-shirts that said, “Your Teammate”?!

This week, we turn to the practice of Appreciation: celebrating the virtues and goodness that flow through others and ourselves. It’s a wonderful practice to do when life is going swimmingly, so that when life throws us a curve ball, we have a full sense of our support network.

We hope that you can join us for our regular sessions and also for “Forest Bathing” on Thursday July 24th at the New Canaan Nature Center from 9:30-11:00 AM, weather permitting.

May all beings everywhere, without exception, know that they are part of a team with infinite teammates.

Your teammates at CMP

Erika Long