Feeling Newton

In movement meditation (including walking meditation, or any time we pay close attention to the movement of our bodies in the moment) we bring our full attention to the sensations that arise in the body.  It’s a deep, inner searching for the tangible experience of moving.
Ironically, this turning inward unlocks the brain’s ability to widen its perspective and allows us to have a sense of our existence in relation to the outer world.  
If done with a sense of exploration and curiosity, we can begin to notice, for example, that what feels purely like individual agency - our decision and ability to make our bodies move - is actually a limitless confluence of factors, past and present, as well as universal forces that influence our movement:  the genetics and all the past moments that conditioned our physical structure, our habits of movement (why did we step first with the right foot?)… the laws of physics that pull our body parts toward the ground, and keep our body parts in motion or at rest until an unbalanced force is applied…. and what might be the unbalanced force that changes our movement or stillness?  
It took an apple falling on Newton’s mother’s farm for him to set off on a journey to understand gravity.  Every time we experience the movement of our bodies (even just the batting of an eye) is an opportunity for us to start off on our own journey of exploration on the forces at work in our lives.
May all beings everywhere, without exception, revel in the exploration of life through movement,

Your Friends at CMP

And we've just added Thursday outdoor meditations at Waveny Park at 12 Noon!  We'll meet on the lawn to the right of Waveny House.  Please bring something to sit on (blanket, cushion, chair), hat, sunscreen and bug spray.