Meditation for People in Recovery Now Weekly in Trumbull

Based on feedback from the community, Meditation for People in Recovery will be offered on an ongoing basis in Trumbull.   Meditation and Mindfulness have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve mental and physical well-being, increase our ability to focus, help us see situations more clearly and respond more wisely, and improve our relationships with others. 

Each week, participants will gain a deeper understanding of:

• What mindfulness is,
• Why it’s so beneficial, and
• How it’s developed.

Each session will include a brief discussion of a type of meditation practice (all are secular and scientifically-tested), a guided meditation, and then a follow-up Q&A session. No special clothing or equipment is needed. All sessions are appropriate for people who have never meditated before as well as those who have long-standing meditation practices.

Each class is a stand-alone; & drop-ins are welcome.

Cost: This course is being offered on a donation basis.

For more information:

Please email,

May all beings live with ease, 

Your friends at CMP


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