Eternity in Each Moment

Wednesday Is Only Session This Week

"Live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment."  Henry David Thoreau

Happy Now!

This week marks the transition from one year to the next for those of us in the Western world.  We may spend some energy reflecting back on events and experiences in the year past, and me we begin to lay the framework for the coming year.  Both may be enjoyable and worthy pursuits, but we can also learn and grow from just being totally present for the current moment.  In the rush from here to there, in the push and pull of social obligations, amidst the acquisition and disposition of materials goods, between reflection and anticipation, we invite you to pause, and to return to connect both body and mind in the present moment.  Even as you read this, to notice what it is to breathe, to hear the sounds around you, to quiet the mad dash into the future, or the reliving of moments gone by, to be fully present now.  All we really ever have is this present moment.  And this one.

This week or our only session will be on Wednesday December 27th at 12 Noon at New Canaan Library.