It's Okay to Play with Your Food

Present moment awareness.  Gratitude.  Equanimity. Compassion. This week we invite you to join us in a practice that combines all of those. And you won’t have to find time to sit quietly on a cushion to bring this practice into your daily life.  

So often we fall into the trap of believing that we have to find that perfect window of time when we can escape to a quiet place, and sit unbothered in perfect stillness of mind and body in order to engage in our mindfulness practice. Isn’t that the image that comes to mind when mindfulness is mentioned? Those moments of idyllic solitude and stillness are magical, but our every-day moments can also bring us a sense of balance, well-being, connectedness and wonder, if we bring our attention to them.  

This week invite you to join us as we bring mindfulness to eating, learning to pause and look at, hold, smell, taste, and even hear our food. We’ll have the opportunity to acknowledge our good fortune and the efforts of others that have led to food being before us. We’ll broaden our perspective, so that even during troubled times we’ll have the habit of witnessing the wonder that is a strawberry, for example, and be able to say to ourselves, “Yes, I am suffering right now, and I am still aware of the beauty of this fruit”. And we will be able to open our hearts and extend a wish that all beings in this world have what they need to sustain and nourish themselves.

Every weekly CMP session is free and open to the public, suitable for newbies (we’re all beginners!) and those with long-established practices.

Community Sits This Week:

Monday 7:30 PM Sama Yoga 45 Grove Street, New Canaan 

Tuesday 2:00 PM Ferguson  Library, 1 Public Library Plaza, Stamford

Wednesday  12:00 PM New Canaan Library 151 Main Street, New Canaan